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The Mercy House provides a new beginning for women with broken lives. With care and compassion we work to restore dignity, heal from destructive behaviors, rebuild families, and train for a better future.

Our program is a 12- to 18-month residential rehabilitation program.  Our students are encouraged and taught the tools necessary to break down walls that have hindered them from becoming the women that God has called them to be.

The Mercy House mission is to provide a future full of hope and possibility to every young woman with a desire to transform her life through God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and life-changing power. Every aspect of the Mercy House is based on the principles of love, excellence, and accountability. 

We value every young woman’s future, including those that have been deemed hopeless by society, doctors or their own families. We are committed to helping the women in our program reach their full potential by addressing the whole person: spiritual, physical and emotional.  

At the Mercy House, the ladies learn to believe in themselves and in God’s love for them while gaining the life- skills necessary for their successful reintegration into society. Young women who have graduated from the Mercy House are truly transformed. They are found in universities, corporations, ministries, mission fields and successfully raising new generations.

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